The purpose of the South Windsor Boys Youth Lacrosse program is to provide opportunities for youth to demonstrate a progression in physical skills and knowledge of lacrosse in a fun and challenging setting. Furthermore, to promote excellence in the sport

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APRIL 22th, 2023 rain date April 23th, 2023

Tournament Rules

1. Game Format- 10 v 10 Full-Field, live box substitutions, face-offs after goals, no timeouts. All games will be 25 minute running time with a 5 minute break in between. Game times will be run from a Central Location and start every half hour. One Horn will signal the start of the game and Two Horns to indicate the end of a game.

2. Penalties- No time-serving penalties. Fast-break will be awarded to the fouled team. The fouled player will start with the ball in their offensive half with a 5yd advantage over the Midline. Remaining midfielders line up behind the midline. All players may advance on the whistle. NOTE: the offending player must come off the field and another replacement may enter the game.

3. Mouthpieces- Mouthpieces are mandatory and must be worn, if a player does not have one, they may not participate.